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covered. a child born in the tundra is always nomadic by nature as an early age he knows that life is perpetual motion. for nine months every year and its children are taken from their homes in the tundra to special boarding schools and each time all they want is to go home again as soon as they can. some can't wait for the holidays and head for the tundra. the represents the third generation of a new net deliberating family he too went to a boarding school before graduating as a vet. back home in the tundra he found
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a wife and now has three children. he's taking his eldest son daniel and his nephew from the boarding school to visit their grandfather for a short summer break before his day the main annual festival. meanwhile other parents also pick up their kids for the annual school holidays. with hello hello there we want to take her back for the holidays ok but
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please be back here on the seventh yet because i'd like to talk to his father now has is behaving badly and says he doesn't want to come back after the holidays but he has. children from the tundra have always gone to boarding school every autumn. they know that they won't see their parents again for some time. the red north newspaper's editor in chief says he's also a child of the tundra that's how he translates his knee and its name. was chieftain of the seashell tribe risen from the dead son of the shrew ground son of a polar bear a great grandson of a walrus in russian uncle few other he says he was raised from the dead because when he was born in a rawhides tent he was clinically dead his father had given up on him but his
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mother and grandmother saved his life and brought him up. he ran. to them to he escaped from boarding school. in second grade i ran away from the boarding school with two my friends we ran to the tundra we spent a day and night travelling back to my keep iraq hide tent i was always telling them to hold on there's the gemini on the top of the roof. his article why all children die is the dramatic story of people's escaping from schools and heading to the tundra. we searched for them for so long we used off roaders we walked around the whole tundra they actually died very close to the village they were frozen. hello. these classmates a jealous they still don't know if their own parents will come to take them home girls always have more stuff than boys the last class before school holidays begin
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. the day we're going to draw our beloved tundra our home ok. this picture will become real as soon as they're back. before heading toward day they have to gather the hood chaotically scattered around the tundra. it seems an impossible task but little by little the children help the adults to round up the animals. the head of the family watches from the sidelines general overseeing his.
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young son and if you copy everything he does. is underway to restock a team of dead which will later lead the time. of life like this the old deer have to move on and younger ones take their place if he has a camp temperament then he's good for women to race with if he's fast we can years them. at the boarding school the children are given a basic high school education studying. the same subjects as regular schools like mass physics and chemistry there are also some special disciplines like localist no graffiti and culture so they remember the tundra and their roots.
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on. these goals seldom think of the tundra they're taken from their homes every yeah and becoming attached to the towns and villages where life is much more comfortable. so there's that there is no t.v. set in around ten i don't know i get bored there and you had to work all day long take care of the deer and prepare. what did not go well you get out of the way to stop spinning around get out of here. why can't you find something to do. well known you know its writer and teacher has created her own alternative education system for the children of the tundra. this is a part of the children's residential community part of the town where they live
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study and play. their ambition was only realized after a lifetime of personal struggle for fifteen years she lived in a medical life taking care of dia she believes that a good education should be based on the essential skills needed to survive in the arctic north. but is more energy come on. there's plenty of work here for everyone. though. our constitution clearly says that indigenous children must have a free education but it doesn't say free life care what the school gives them a whole team of security guards maids to wash and clean the dishes everything's done for them so they face life with no idea about how to do ordinary things you know they don't have that knowledge when they leave school. in
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boarding schools the teachers often observe a change in children's attitudes during the seventh or eighth grades. or things separate from the family has a lot of connotations he's gradually being separated from his roots but as a country there are a lost generation and when he graduates from schools will have to decide between going on to higher education or back to the tundra which will he choose he's already been separated from his home but he hasn't been able to establish roots here either. you know it's violinists from the school of long lived in the town and stayed with their own families. that was a mistake let's do it again from the beginning of the part but don't leave it in the middle. one two three. four of them potential
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motion is not about life in the tundra but a famous musical composition by car bomb. under it just means mosquitoes will live in town and go to different cities for vacations i don't understand how people can live there it's very cold and didn't take you have to wake up in the morning every day to heat your home. to have to go to the tundra to ski there's plenty of snow in the town for most of the year. isn't impressed by the city landscape his family only feel at home here in the tundra every spring the. fleet of high speed sledge is. not
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involved. this lifestyle has remained unchanged for a hundred years. today still use the same technology but now they're a little smaller than they used to be i sometimes go by the old cemetery regen see the really big ones. yeah. here in the tundra and uneducated lived through the most traumatic experience when her only daughter died. the tragedy changed she stopped living for herself and became foster mother to twenty five orphans she took them out of the
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orphanages and created a small community that she called the land of hope. everything she knows about raising children in the tundra came to from nature. then with them there with you and the first thing that i notice it was that the whole landscape was modeled on the circle was a look that small lake is round. the other one is round as well what big it would be this ill and children's township it's a circular shape you have hit in fact and then it's still like corners. in her childhood foster and it was often punished for being naughty by being made to stand on her own in a corner. she's hated the idea of calling has ever since. she believes that children should study close to the pneumatic reach their parents fall in to avoid prolonged separation.
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it's a semi mobile school providing a first stage elementary education it's not just for adopted children but for any kids whose parents bring them from nearby villages old emetic encampments. country but you ok children today we're going to draw a fish. one semi-circle and another one well connected make a tail and a hand. and a thin. parents are able to take their children home from school any time they choose. life shows that if you simply want to teach children to read and write and you don't have to pull them away from the sledge is that can be too big a sacrifice. and i mean all indigenous people not just the net's. children continue their studies in a row heights tent at a special field teacher takes the lessons. dimitri course as a student teacher but is already working. he teaches russian language and
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literature to yvonne and galina as dear family. they hunt for their amex the rabbit hides behind the tree and next to the tree was a boy and the hunters ask if you had the same rabbit with a long ears ears right. now. i want my children next to me i want to feel safe how could i said my child to boarding school i won't be able to sleep at night after that. if.
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live live. live
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. defines a country. feel
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teachers. teaching. school. community has. three hundred. teachers. meet with. teachers the children. practical skills that need. in just a few minutes. to condition extreme ways of life. and even.
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with the medical service has taken an emergency call. urgent treatment. is critical. to the baby. five hundred grams could be. the toddler is used to these extreme conditions and has even delivered a baby aboard the helicopter. she knows she has to make her way to her patients in all weather conditions she's also acutely aware the job can also involve some serious risks. are used to these situations it doesn't matter if it's a weekend holiday we're just happy when they're back in the tundras future reindeer breeders we worry about them about everyone we want them to get back home safe and healthy. and let's hear a name and alina. have
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a seat. she just started her vacation. don't forget to take your stuff. to you how he left her absolutely. innocent drop. everything turned out well expectant mother was taken to hospital in time this is a crow flies several medical missions in a road each day it carries pregnant women to hospital for routine checks and for deliveries after the babies are born of the mothers are ready to be discharged they return to their tents the same way they left to see if the flying medical service.
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moves his team from one nomadic camp to another. they have to cover one hundred fifty kilometers if they're to reach the celebrate. ans in time. but there's a surprise in store. a small four straight from the herd. tired and afraid that fell behind it was lost. the whole herd can't stop for the sake of one baby. it's getting late and they still have to pitch their tent men women and children all have their parts to play of the process everyone knows their role it's almost done by the time they finish.
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in the morning despite strong winds grandchild go in search of the runaway foam. drives off the main puff to look for fresh tracks but searching this way could take a very long time and so he decides to change tactics. finally they find the runaway the timid is far from happy after spending the night alone he's afraid of everything as a hunter. knows that it's important not. just silently no word of criticism when the child misses. it's almost as though the animal is deliberately. skills like this in the school classroom. patience and persistence pays the chief results.
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the young will have to be tamed. when it's hungry i feed the deer by hand after a couple of weeks. and ask. i have here are the cards. i am sixty six degrees. sixty six degrees eleven minutes eleven minutes twenty five point five seconds twenty five point five seconds. veterinary technician. is also from the tundra. with their deer. i see em i say i'm in the way we'll use them as our guide until we get to live he moved to the village after leaving. graduating from the
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farming academy but sometimes he has regrets. i live in a village i have an apartment bought from time to time i wake up at the weekend don't feel like staying inside if i had my own course i could do things there i'm to the tundra to freedom my dear i was raised up there with. different groups of helping to preserve the population. for some time. and when his house decides to draw. it to his friends family. each time i come back to the tundra i just have to catch. you have to do it.
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i don't mind. i gotta catch it. he's a real catch. family now has just a short distance to go before they reach their destination. minutes paid no attention to clocks everything is time to buy the sun. sun rise with the crack of dawn and go back to rest of the sun sets. one of. only nine months old. boiled fish. and of course the. slices of. beat served cold.
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but his parents needn't worry he could feed himself perfectly well. changed in the past twenty years he has twelve grandchildren. and he's a grandfather as well. twenty years ago this film about such a case that a touch of the rain. was shot in nineteen ninety three. who really i just saw my mom. was always trying to sort out the mess our group
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was quite big about ten tenth's and she used to tell everyone calmly that whenever a nomad's ten stands out it has to be clean at all times. i was in the army and when they filmed. i recognised uncle alex say. my grandma and my mom. said his family finally made it to the brain to festival in time. cut it out. to sea in these national competitions only the cream of the creek can. bring new faces and heroes. the undisputed high point of the whole
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event is the d.s. ledger race. and his grandson came to cheer on their family friend and his did come up. but this time sadly the. place. the whole family gathers for the holiday in an ordinary apartment not in a tent. this is right in. their eldest daughter. now this is my me. they're my treasure the main one over the table they discussed the latest hot topic once again do they have to separate the kids from the family or does no medicaid education have a future after the holiday they'll have to send the children back to the boarding school my child is going into first grade very soon and that's why i'm nervous
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there is no real routine or proper discipline at that no magic school but here they have a daily schedule that practice lunch dinner wake up time bedtime. but you don't roam every day when i just make your own school put the kids in a roll high tent once in a while and teach them there informally i don't want my grandchildren study an outsider in a cold tent i wouldn't be able to send my child anywhere at the moment i mean if i lived in the tender. this is how they co-exist to different points of view to opinions rather like this traditional stick tugging contest. the next day the circle is complete. and his son leo get to the camp but push further on to the north. no a load because. are already back at their boarding school.
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please speak old language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you. in trying. to find out more visit our big all teeth dog called. they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have
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read the reports and leave the pollution to the no i will leave them to stapling a comment on your latter point of the month to say it's a good place to carry out a car is on the docket no god. no they do no more weasel words when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you approach a punch be ready for a battle for the speech and little down the freedom to cost. him a right on the seat. of the first string he lives and i think the church. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. posts. to me in the next several months on law.
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breaking news this hour live rounds are reportedly fired at supporters of the ousted president morsy in cairo it claims many people have been killed or wounded as mass protests continue nationwide. press releases from edward snowden the claims the u.s. national security agency won't closely with germany contradicting chancellor merkel's recent anger at america's old cold war. plus the wounds of civil war in mali are yet as the country heads towards its first post conflict election and security threats still looming.


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